About us

The Applied Technology group of companies is a diversified business house. Established in 1994, its initial focus was on fulfilling the raw material needs of various industries such as composite, construction, and plastic industries. With Head Office in the UAE, the group has successfully established itself in the Middle East and has also extended its reach into the African mainland, as well as the Indian subcontinent. Within a span of two decades, Applied Technology Trading has expanded its activities into the areas of technical support along with the supply of other important equipment to the aforementioned industries and more. 

Conscious of its ever-increasing international presence, the company has branched out by investing in the areas of education, healthcare and renewable energy. APT Solar is one of the divisions that comes under this diversification.

Our first foray into the world of green business, APT Solar delves into the field of photovoltaics (PV) which is a sustainable means of utilising the planet’s most abundant source of energy-the sun-to manufacture electricity. Our primary focus in this venture is on PV materials and Balance of Systems and Components. We also have a subdivision for solar EPC contracting, making us an integrated system provider.